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Tricks to keep your carpet clean

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6 Tricks to Keep your Carpets Clean

1. Clean the melted wax with the iron!

Did you stain the carpet with melted wax or chewing gum? Use the iron!

First of all, clean as much of the unwanted substance as you can using a spatula or a knife. Then, place a sheet of white paper on the affected area and go over it with a heated iron. Repeat the operation until the stain disappears completely.

2. Refresh the colours of the carpet with raw cabbage!

After vacuuming the carpet well, rub it well with a cabbage cut in half over its entire surface, this way you will highlight the faded colours.

Insist on the coloured parts of the carpet and those with patterns!

3. Deep cleaning with salt!

For a clean carpet, use wet coarse salt!

Put a few spoons of salt in a bowl and sprinkle it with water. Soak a brush in salt and rub it over the entire surface of the carpet. Then inhale deeply. If you don’t want to use coarse salt directly on the carpet, you can dissolve it in warm water.

By using salt on the surface of the carpet, you will eliminate its outdated appearance.

4. Use detergent for chocolate marks!

Have you ever eaten chocolate and dropped the last piece directly on the carpet?

Fear not! We found the solution for you!

Chocolate or cocoa stains come out quickly if you use a special detergent for carpets diluted in warm water to clean the carpet. After the stain has disappeared, you can dry the wet area with the dryer at the lowest temperature.

5. Use alcohol to remove the ink from the carpet!

Did you stain the carpet with ink? To have a clean carpet again, you must absorb the liquid by pressing using a napkin. Carry out this operation until the place remains almost dry.

Pour a few drops of rubbing alcohol on the stain and rub the affected area with a clean brush.

6. Use vinegar to remove the dirt and unpleasant smell from your carpet!

Food stains, drinks, sweets or mud stains – all of these can be cleaned very well using white vinegar. In addition to the fact that the carpet or rug remains like new, vinegar also removes any traces of unpleasant smell from the carpet.

To eliminate these unpleasant smells, you only have to vacuum the carpet and then clean the affected area with a brush soaked in vinegar.

If these 6 tricks do not restore the desired appearance of your carpet, we can help you with professional cleaning service.