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Methods In Which You Can Clean Your Sofa

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1. Vacuum up large particles
 Before you start deep cleaning, make sure you have removed all the residue from the surface of the sofa. Use a vacuum cleaner or attach a hose to a full-sized vacuum cleaner to clean the couch.
Use the long, narrow attachment of the vacuum cleaner to get into crevices.
Vacuum the entire surface of the pillows.
Remove the cushions and vacuum the base of the sofa very well.

2. Use a brush
If there is any type of stain that contains a lot of dust or impregnated dirt, use a brush with stiff bristles to remove the stain and then vacuum the remaining dirt particles. Vigorous cleaning is recommended, strong rubbing, but not so much as to damage the material.

3. Removes lint and fur
Although some companies have created products for homes where there are pets, even vacuuming will not be able to remove pet dander and hair. Use a lint roller to remove what the vacuum can’t.
It works gradually, systematically, over the entire surface of the sofa to make sure you haven’t missed a single hair.

4. Wipe off any exposed hard surface
Many sofas also come with hard surfaces such as wood, and you need to make sure you give them attention as well. Find a product designed to clean the type of surface you want to clean. A commercial solution intended for cleaning all types of surfaces is sufficient if you do not have a product at hand intended exclusively for that type of surface.
If the spray area is wide, spray on a paper towel and just wipe the surface to clean it. Thus, you will prevent the penetration of unwanted chemical products on the material.